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#03 iPhone App Assignment: Concept, Poster & Wires

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Remember that 3/14 there is NO CLASS. Enjoy your spring break.

We kick of our next project with a bang! This project will last only 3 classes – so, we need get going quickly. The assignment is to develop an iPhone app for an essential service in NYC. Something that you can’t live in this city without. Food, taxis, music, etc.

03/21 Part 1: Concept
Write up a short concept brief for your iPhone application and email me your idea this week before vacation on 3/14. Include:

  • What is its name? / Name & Tagline
  • What will it do? / Features & Functionality
  • Who will buy it? / Audience types & Rationale

03/21 Part 2: Sales Poster
Create a quick & dirty poster for your app. This will act as your moodboard / show colors, icons, other apps on a 11”x17” poster @72dpi / post before class on the 21st.

03/21 Part 3: Workflow & Wires
Create a workflow of the main feature of your app. Show all screens in the flow in wires. Your workflow and wires should be on the same page as in the example / post before class on the 21st.

As reference:

Printouts of mobile wireframes for sketching

Templates for mobile wireframes (omnigraffle, etc.)

PSD templates for visual mockups of iPhone apps

Common patterns of iPhone UI conventions

Official Apple iPhone developers site


Have fun. Jay

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