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#04 – Redesign Project | IMDb Final

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I have expanded the home page to show more images/icons/articles.

Arrows/etc on movie page are edited to be smaller and more graphic, as opposed to text.

Sample dropdown menu on movie page.

Clicking on the move arrows allows you to drag sections around, drop, and rearrange.

Clicking on the – will minimize a section, showing only its title.

Actor pages would be much like the Movies, but with different sections.

Clicking on an image or trailer on the actor or movie page would open up a module on the page. Clicking on the word ‘photographs of…’ would take you to a separate page, for those who don’t like the modules. You can navigate images through the arrows or by clicking on either side of the picture. You can leave the module by clicking the ‘x’ or clicking anywhere outside of it.

Icons have been made smaller on the Dashboard page, and username added below icon to show you are logged in, and what account you are on.

The news page looks much like the dashboard, with outgoing links.

The mobile app has similar modules to the website. All default to ‘close’ when you finish searching, and are opened with a quick tap. Only one image/trailer is showed at a time for speed of loading. The home page of this app is just the name and a search bar, with no additional content.

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